Do not regurgitate experiences and other data already existing on other parts of the application. Brainstorm Questions to ask yourself before you write Who are the most influential people in your life? You can do this by telling a story that may have confirmed your choice in veterinary medicine, anything really. Though I no longer live in New York, my father still rescues turtles; and my love and commitment to animals, which he inspired, remains intact. Many people wait until the last minute or don’t put enough effort into their personal statement, which can really hurt their application. I wanted them to want to get to know me more so that they would continue reading. When I went back into that interview with the same manager a year later, I was a more confident and experienced individual.

Though you are not limited to these examples, some people find it helpful to use one of the following approaches: For further advice on writing personal statements in general, visit the Writing Center Resources page. Write about your knowledge of the veterinary profession. Thank you very much for your time and your insights. These are really important questions that the admissions committees are going to be looking for you to answer. Weave a story that helps the reader understand who you are as a person rather than simply listing your achievements. Over the next twelve months, I shadowed at four different veterinary clinics in the area, volunteered at a cat rescue center, was awarded a grant-funded research project in chemistry, and pushed even harder in school to maintain my high academic standards.

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A history was collected, which I communicated to the doctor, and a treatment plan was drawn up for me to present to the distraught owner. What was something special that you did or saw that someone else may not have that really confirmed your desire to be a veterinarian?


This type of organization is one you are probably very familiar with from your academic writing. They had come to our emergency hospital with no inclination that their precious family member, who had been seemingly healthy that morning, was dying.

State a fact that is relevant to the topic of your essay i. So guess what I am going to tell you? I have consistently devoted my life to giving animals another chance at theirs-be it rescuing turtles from roads, frogs from pools, or injured birds from dogs. What makes you different?

Write about your knowledge of the veterinary profession. Providing treatment for patients is a central component of the veterinary profession, but being a part of the AEH team has really shown me that our primary role is working with people. Create your website today.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Find someone to give you critical feedback who isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings. Ask your Mom, best friend, random professor, writing center consultants, academic advisor, veterinarian, and anyone else who will take a look at your statement.

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You may email to vetschooltips gmail. Notify me of new comments via email. Through my experiences, I am beginning to appreciate that the possible career options for a veterinarian are endless. These experiences are likely to be meaningful to you and therefore may be good material for your personal statement. Living in Ecuador and traveling abroad made me aware of the need for veterinary care in developing countries.

You can talk about your negative attributes if you like, but make sure to spin them in a statemen light. Being accepted into a veterinary program has been the driving force in my life for the past five years and now that it is becoming a reality, I have no doubt that I will make veterinary medicine my career.

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The personal statement is supposed to be a portrait of your life that is set in a narrative tone that is supposed to show the addmissions committee that you are unique and qualified. These are really important questions that the admissions committees are going to be looking for you to answer.


There I stood holding the oxygen support mask near the mouth of Tanner, the family’s beloved labrador, as he took his last breaths. Be Who You Are. Ultimately you know yourself best and it will be the sincerest if you write it yourself.

vmcas personal statement example

Was it a special case you dealt with all summer? Once you get some solid ideas and even a full rough draft done you can go to the writing center at you college or have your advisor look over it.

With each experience, I get a different perspective of the profession and invaluable mentoring from the veterinarians.

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After reading your personal statement, readers persnal ask themselves if you would be interesting to interview. I am confident my strong academic background, extensive clinical skills, leadership abilities, and motivated work ethic will make me a competitive candidate for your DVM program. Though I no longer live in New York, my father still rescues turtles; and my love and commitment to animals, which he inspired, remains intact.

vmcas personal statement example

What are your goals and dreams? Other sections of the VMCAS application give you a chance to describe your work and extracurricular activities. Unfortunately for professional students you are not able to customize your personal statement since it is sent out in bulk through the VMCAS.