The flats are exposed in low tides and submerged in high tides, thus being changed morphologically even in one tidal cycle. Rivers in the Sundarbans are meeting places of salt water and freshwater. Mistry also sustained head and facial injuries when he fell on the tree and then onto the ground during the tussle. Here, one can savor the tranquility amidst nature by taking a walk in the surroundings and one can also enjoy the boat ride and view the village life. PTESD with somatic symptoms. One can visit them and enjoy the beauty of the place during low tide. Cultural interpretation of trauma is a significant factor in the development of PTSD [ 64 ].

It is also noted that none of the tiger victims here received any financial help, which was so crucial for their treatment and economic support at that point of crisis. After living our boat we entered in a village called Sodhakhali. Tourists will have to take train from Kolkata to reach Canning station. The 11 nights and 10 day tour is basically a tiger tracing tour. Typical features include episodes of repeated reliving of the trauma in intrusive memories “flashbacks” , dreams or nightmares, occurring against the persisting background of a sense of “numbness” and emotional blunting, detachment from other people, unresponsiveness to surroundings, anhedonia, and avoidance of activities and situations reminiscent of the trauma. She then developed fear of the tiger.

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The endangered species that live within the Sundarbans and extinct species that used to be include the royal Bengal tigers, estuarine crocodilenorthern river terrapins Batagur baskaolive ridley sea turtlesGangetic dolphinground turtles, hawksbill sea turtles and king crabs horse shoe. The Sundari trees are delat sensitive to salinity and are being threatened with extinction. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sundarbans.


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Sun in the Sundarbans. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In due course of time it has been nominated by government sundatban India as Ramsar site: In either component, there is loss of reality testing.

Sundarbans National Park

The tiger leapt on her from behind and swept its paw on her head and left shoulder. His elder son added: A Bengal tiger in the Sundarbans. The site includes the entire landscape of mangrove habitats with an adequate surrounding area of aquatic both marine and freshwater and terrestrial habitats, and thus all the areas essential for the long term conservation of the Sundarbans and its rich and distinct biodiversity The World Heritage property is comprised of three wildlife sanctuaries which form the core breeding area of a number of species of endangered wildlife.

Two types of fishing gear are used: Management also needs to address the local cultural and ecological features contributing to the pathology [ 4830 ]. During each monsoon season almost all the Bengal Delta is submerged, much of it for half a year.

A day in Sundarban-World largest mangrove forest(My travel experience)

Fauna in Sundarbans National Park: Living on the forest resources is a unique socio-economic dimension of Sundarban region. Geography of South Asia. She avoided the river, abandoned TPS collection and refused to take bath in the river.

Attempts at reclamation had not been very successful. The reduction in number of casualties is a result of strict control over the movement of the people inside the tiger reserve, alternative income generation and awareness building among people. Tiger prawns live in the sea but enter the Sundarban rivers and creeks to lay their eggs.

Ganges Delta or Sunderban Delta |

Usually a team of wood cutters are led by a Boulay inside the SRF. PhD thesis, University of Cambridge. She was always fearful and dellta her parents not to go in the river.


sundarban delta essay

It is the single largest source of forest produce in the country. He cannot go to the local shop on his own or cross the river. Areas of unique natural beauty, ethno botanical interest, special marine faunal interest, rivers, creeks, islands, swamps, estuaries, mud flats, and tidal flats are also included in the property.

The field camps were under 12 to 15 feet of water for around seven hours, resulting in soil erosion and damage to staff quarters, generators and bamboo pilling. They encircled the tiger from all sides and managed to scare it away. During this time period, the atmosphere is humid and windy.


The classification of causes of trauma based on available research findings may be categorized as follows: In all cases the onset of symptoms occurred within a month of the insult and persisted sundarbsn more than one month E and the disturbances caused significant distress and impairment in familial, social and occupational functioning F.

The average altitude of the park is 7. The Sundarbans is the biggest delta, back water and tidal phenomenon of the region and thus provides diverse habitats for several hundreds of aquatic, terrestrial and amphibian species. The tigers regularly attack and kill humans who venture into the forest, human deaths ranging from 30— per year.