Requirements will include participation in class discussions, several papers, a midterm, and a final. Selected modern and contemporary authors such as Dreiser, Fitzgerald, Dos Passos, Baldwin, Wright, Welty, Morrison, Bellow, Husseini, Oates, and Erdrich are studied in relation to the historical and intellectual background of their times. We well, you will also write papers, take exams, and be flogged—the entire range of academic abjection, in one convenient course. Why should we care about literature? Themes, ideas and literary form of literary works are examined with the aims of appreciating the aesthetics and understanding the historical background.

Some representative authors are: This course is Writing Intensive and fulfills the multicultural requirement. There is a strong focus on Race and Gender in this course. This course will require students to read closely and analyze carefully a representative variety of prose, poetry, and drama, master key literary and critical terms, and explore a variety of core critical approaches to conceptual questions about literature and its study. Students will study grammar, not only through rules and textual models, but also in the context and practice of their own writing and editing.

Students read an international spectrum of writers and are introduced to the diversity of literary styles writers use to examine and convey the consequences of genocide.

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Essat course is a study of the mythological roots of literatures such as Greek, Roman, Indian, African, and Chinese mythology, tales from the Bible, and folk material such as ballads, fables, and proverbs. This course fulfills the multicultural requirement. The course is also designed to develop skills that enable students to interpret and analyze published texts.

This class will provide an introduction to the understanding and analysis of poetry through the study orewriting a wide range of poems in English.

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There will be individual and collaborative projects; you will also give a group presentation. Specifically, students practice basic writing skills in preparation for the requirements of ENG See catalog description of ENG This course is a study of the mythological roots of literatures such as Greek, Roman, Indian, African, and Chinese mythology, tales from the Bible, and folk material such as ballads, fables, and proverbs.


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Structure and Strategy Prerequisites: This course introduces students to the response of creative writers to the Nazi plan to destroy European Jewry between oersonal Writing is an integral component of this course.

This course, conducted as a workshop, is for students interested in exploring their writing style within the basic imaginative genres: Students explore the variety of literature written by women from various cultures. Indeed, perhaps the only way to define creative nonfiction is to identify its constitutive elements: This course offers an excellent opportunity for service learning and practical experience in tutoring adults in written and spoken English at the Loyola Community Literacy Center, located in Loyola Hall, W.

personal essay prewriting eng/220

Thus, literature about work often addresses the nature and effects of oppressive work conditions, the larger forces at play, and how workers respond to oppression.

Students will read and analyze literary models to explore narrative techniques and then produce their own writing, emg/220 in peer revision.

Students are introduced to major English writers in Britain from the Anglo-Saxon period to the 18th century.

This course fulfills the post period requirement of the English major. Though we will be studying the written texts of the plays carefully, additional emphasis will be placed on the importance of performance as essential to the study and appreciation of Shakespearean drama as it participates in eng2/20 wider conversation about what it means to be part of a community.

Students keep a weekly journal of their experiences; examine a textbook and journal articles concerned with literacy, language, and adult education; submit ten of their journals and five short papers throughout the semester; prepare a final paper or project; and, for 3 credit hour students, read and report on one additional text of their choice related to the work of the Center, to persojal literacy, to the culture of their esssay, or to any topic suggested by their tutoring experience.


Our course covers the rhetorical principles of effective writing, focusing on particular types of discourse practiced in business and professional settings.

personal essay prewriting eng/220

This course examines how satire is used to comment on human behavior and critique society. This course studies American literature through Fantastic representations of social, political, technological, and environmental issues are considered.

How has it been conceived in different times and places? In addition, we will review practical advice about choosing your prewditing of study, conducting research, participating actively in class discussion, and thinking ahead to preparing for your M.

The method of assessment will include pop quizzes, papers, and classroom participation. Score on the Placement essay of 5. This course fulfills the college requirement for the first semester of English composition.

This course is an analytical and writing intensive approach to the development of college-level writing in the sciences. While the Literacy Center offers community adults an opportunity to improve their skills, it also gives student-tutors the chance to serve their community and to engage with their Persohal education. Students produce texts representing multiple genres of journalism, including hard news, features, profiles, critical reviews, cultural commentary, blogs, and op-ed articles.

This course examines outstanding works by major writers such as Yeats, Joyce, Shaw, O’Casey, O’Connor, Behan, and Beckett and their cultural background in relation to the Irish literary tradition. Readings will include novels written by authors from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, as well as some supplementary theoretical essays.