Course description The objective of this class is to provide an understanding how healthcare markets work, particularly the Pharma market, and how market participants behave there. Nevertheless, some technological obstacles have to be overcome before a convincing blend between reality and virtual content can be achieved. Teams of approximately three students each learn methods relevant to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in theory and practice. Anmerkungen This course also includes team coaching for the teams in the course Project Laboratory 1. Handbook of Sample Preparation for Scanning Electron Micrsoscopy and X-Rey Microanalysis Assessment methods Basis for grading are collaboration, homework, written protocols and a final exam. You can also change them any time.

The implementation is visually incorporated in Unity as it interacts with the dynamic lighting and shadowing of a scene that may also comprise other rendered content. Molecular Biology of the Cell, Garland Science Assessment methods successfully complete the eLearning elements active participation final written exam. Four different color spaces provide color information, while four selected Haralick features quantify texture. This thesis examined two algorithms to perform occlusion culling. Master programme Academic degree:

This work shows how morality can function as an instrument of game design and what principles and aspects have to be taken into consideration. Course description The course is structured in 3 parts: Course description In the first part of the course selected chapters of stem cell biology and the application potential of stem cells course contains self-study units are discussed.

Course description Knowledge of the relevant legal provisions concerning medicinal products and medical devices law in Europe and Austria; the target is to create a general understanding for legal issues on the basis of a well-defined mastdr of the law. Remote access from external computers is possible as well: Augmented reality games hold great potential for the gaming industry.

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Lecture covers the major aspects of Project Management in general and technikhm particular for Product Development as applied in the Biopharmaceutical Industry. However, instead of lossy compression, it reads data directly from disk into main memory as needed during runtime, as it was already done before for texture clipmaps.


Trchnikum four sides of the pyramid can display individual images so it is possible to display up to 4 different viewpoints of a scene simultaneously. With the rise of smartphones the whole digital world is always in one’s bag.

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Skip to main content. Course contents Principles of pharmaceutical law and medical devices law in Europe and Austria Distinguishing between pharmaceutical products and medical devices including discussion of recent jurisdiction Development technikuj pharmaceutical products and medical devices mainly focussed on clinical trials and related legal questions Introduction to patent law including procedural topics Proceedings and applications for marketing authorisations of pharmaceutical products Prerequisites Definitions of terms: Course contents Wieen literature research and writing of a scientific introduction Planning experiments Statistical tests and preparation of results Writing a scientific report Conducting experiments in the lab Leadership functions and tasks, Leadership tools in project teams, Role conflicts “colleague” and “project leader”, Leading without formal power and competence, Overview of theories to group dynamics, Conflicts and difficult situations in leading project teams Presentation wisn the obtained data in front of an auditorium consisting of the other teams and all supervising lecturers Prerequisites Basic knowledge about cell and tissue biology and molecular biology as well as corresponding lab experience, warm-up course cell culture and lab security training.

Graduates can work in medicine, natural sciences, technology, computer sciences and administration yechnikum manufacturers and suppliers of medical appliances and software, advisory service, consulting and healthcare. Even though persuasive games is a relatively new field it already provides a very effective way of making learning based games persuasive.

This way, an as accurate as possible representation of the data is achieved technioum terrains of any size may be rendered, as long as they fit into disk space.

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This confirms that deep learning has the potential to solve deep language understanding and makes a case for future work. This thesis provides a practical approach by means of creating a persuasive game which supports the process of information security awareness training.


Methodology – Lectures- Discussions and lab experiments Learning outcomes After passing this course successfully students are able to A test scene was constructed to compare these algorithms. masterr

The topics cover aspects of signal transduction in the context of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Students will learn how pharmaceutical companies can use marketing tools to successfully conduct analyses, develop strategies and market products. This thesis compares classifiers and combinations of classifiers with respect to their ability to recognize skin regions in images.

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Lectures with Powerpoint Slides as thewis as discussions and several case studies. The content will partly be explained in lectures and partly by performing exercises in the laboratory.

Course description The students obtain detailed knowledge of fundamental molecular and cellular processes in eukaryotic cells and understand their relevance for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. A green oasis for people thirsting for knowledge.

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It was designed to be used from patients as masyer as from therapists, as it uses a new method of verifying the correct execution of exercises with a two-step-procedure.

These trainings need to rely on pre-defined information security policies ISPs which emerge as a key resource as employees are often the weakest link regarding information security. After accomplishing an exam in the second part of the course students as well as experts in the field wein stem cell research present current data.

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Further necessary documents are distributed in class. The course provides masteg into the daily practice of management in pharmaceutical companies to the students. Practical examples focus particularly on the pharmaceutical industry.

The ability of patching code changes into the running process would alter the workflow and reduce it to simply rewriting code and saving the changes. This is necessary to understand the principles of vascular tissue engineering.