But I should try it now. The orangish yellow beak seems to encompass the entire head giving it a hard head! Retrieved 23 November Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is home to some of the most exotic bird species. Park officials and experts have traced the origins of some of these bird species to as far as Siberia, Australia and even North America.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I think we did well for a single day trip. Mandya , Karnataka , India. Apparently it tastes like chicken. Short Essay on Sanctuaries in India. The birds begin arriving in the sanctuary in December every year.

essay on ranganathittu bird sanctuary

Lovely description of this miniature prehistoric creature. The nearest place to stay is Srirangapatna 3 kms or Mysore 16 kms.

essay on ranganathittu bird sanctuary

Wow this would be an intriguing yet terrifying experience! In a record time of 2 hours, we both completed some office stuff that had spilled over, packed, lunched and hit the road. Ranganathittu Wildlife Sanctuary Area: Never before have I been so scared. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The Picturesque Ranaganathittu Bird Sanctuary. This is my first visit to your blog rangqnathittu its going to list of blogs I follow. Photographing these birds in flight was the most difficult.

Your captures are incredible — so fascinating to see a crocodile so up close and personal. A spoonbill grooming itself.


Ranganathittu Wildlife Sanctuary

I then decided to follow his advice. But, there you go. Panjim has been A bird sanctuary is a building or a place where most birds.

Rangantathittu is 15kms north of Mysore and is accessible to scores of bird lovers from Bangalore to make an easy day trip. One of my friends suggested to build a prison building to one of the secluded Island and have huge crocodiles be the guards around the water… its silly, but If possible, why not! This is the very first time I am listing our vacations anywhere, and I realize that I want to do 2 things:. The great stone plover and river tern also nest here.

After a few hours of frenzied Googling and calling, we ruled out Sakleshpur and BR Hills, and decided on Ranganathittu. Of which, some birds come from SiberiaLatin Rranganathittu and parts of north India. They do look rather scary. In South Africa people actually eat crocodiles lol but not me. The Kaveri is more than just a river in Karnataka.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is an important nesting and breeding ground for the thousands Mysore Ranganathittu.

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Can make for a great hobby if it grabs your interest. Some of the birds were close cousins of common birds that I regularly photograph. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary is home to some of the most exotic bird species. Company News Download App. Salim Ali observed that the isles formed an important nesting ground for birds, and persuaded the Wodeyar kings of Mysore to declare the area a wildlife sanctuary in Notify me of new comments via email.


Essays – largest database of quality ranganathkttu essays and research papers on Bird Sanctuary. Email required Address never made public. Really, this has to be our least planned, yet most successful trip so far!

Crocodile, The King of Rivers, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Those are some really intense pictures, rightly mentioned, that croc did really have a very cold and stony eyes! Truly, our first instinct is to run away from danger.

The temperature stays between the