I’m a Yoruba, I hardly see a girl from my side doing this they consider it irrelevant even the extraordinarily beauties among them always seems not to be aware of it existence, they always live this contest to their younger juniors in high school. People from various circumstances get to know about everyone around them and every happening around them. I also strongly oppose the words ‘no need to become brave and honest but only put on beautiful dresses’ in your response. Would they take a girl willing to participate in an acid attack? I feel very very sorry for the contestants. Group Discussion- Beauty contests degrade womanhood.

The reputed beauty contests not only judge the physical beauty but also the mental beauty of the contestants. But still she is continuing the same with the same aim of getting points only. I agree with the statement that beauty contests are degrading. So one should have beauty not only by external but also in their character. High School English essays.

Its the womanhodo that degrades womanhood not the mode. More jobs are created through these contests, such as: By these contests so many women will inspire and actively participate in that contests.

essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood

Beauty contests are harmful. Somewhere by only considering beauty a women is esssay. The only drawback that I see with beauty pageants in today’s day and age is the strict body type clauses. Everyone has put his points whatever you all think. The beauty contests which are held actually prove to be fruitful as in they help the contestants to enrich various skills like intellect, social behavior, and many such important aspects of life.


And show their talent. America girls compete for scholarship money. Beauty contest encourages women and gives confidence to women. Beauty contests is not degrading the womanhood. Esxay totally agree with the topic.

Beauty contests degrade womanhood

Some contests have shunned the swimsuits and have included points for academics and professional performances. Hello, I don’t think beauty contests are degrading womanhood but instead its main purpose is to bring out their womanhood to the world.

essay on beauty contests degrade womanhood

With these platform women improve her talent, way of talking, gain confidence and help to build our nation. So it is necessary to go for a real talent which is other than beauty. It might not degrade but beauty is an essential thing for woman to attract the world with essence.

Satellite channels are creating cultural erosion The pros and cons of having a credit card Overweight policeman Computer viruses are good Capital punishment should be banned Beauty contests degrade womanhood Sex Education Examinations – has it killed education? And they tell onstage about society and true selves. Beauty contests are just a competition to Jude who is gorgeous and intelligent.

There is a round called ‘Swim-suit round’ in which ladies have to wear swimming costume and have to flaunt their figure. Actually what womanhood means the period of a being and experiencing as a woman and a feminist life with own individual ideas, freedom and all.

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Hello friends, My opinion in this topic is that a beauty contest is a way for women to improve their skills and a life changing opportunity for them, we all know how is the condition of women in our culture, it’s a good way to empowered them and also makes self dependent, they are also inspiration for upcoming generation.


This is opportunity to the woman expressing their views and show their capability but its not for physical appearance it’s not a fashion show to show different type of dresses, it’s just a test for inner beauty and mental maturity over society. According to me womanhood shows their ability to excel in various aspects, various situations of their life. It is really a thought provoking topic. According to me, it can effect someone self-esteem but doesn’t degrade womanhood. Don’t these things make woman of our society self dependent and confident?

If they are keeping interest upon this programs they spoil their career, and there is no for with stand upon themselves in their future life. Its the things will improve our responsibilities, actually to say.

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Many people think about wearing short dresses. Moreover, beauty contests project an unrealistically thin image of the ideal woman in the eyes of the public.