If his work references entropy theory, it is because it is at the outset aligned with its most detached and statistical dimension, its function not as a theory about form and meaning, but as a standard of measurement. Gysin’s answer to Tzara tells us one important thing: How do you cite an essay in a book apa. This attempt to give actuality to the artwork’s purported singularity is in other words tantamount to searching out the irruption of the event at the place or the placing of its suppression. From to Maciunas’s death in the story of Fluxus is the story of a continual change of personnel. Research paper topics english class. The texts do not have the status of commentary in relation to his work as a photomonteur, poet and engineer-inventor — all of these aspects of his work intersect with and illuminate one another.

Something happens in taking over alterity as alterity: On the contrary, it is a mark of difference or distancing – a certain refusal of connection – that is fundamental to the logic of repetition, and fundamental to the understanding of the relation between Dada and Neo-Dada. Deleuze’s suggestion is that we do not think out of free will — we think only because something in the world forces us to. His Word Piece reproduced in Duckworth and Fleming, The question of non-self-identity is in fact a theme that runs through Hausmann’s writings, and particularly in relation to “definitions” of Dada itself. I can’t do my german homework.

While the Dadaists’ interest in the reality of the material attests to their unfolding of the aesthetic category of artistic means, Hausmann’s particular approach disswrtation it possible to suggest that it is also through the engagement in with the material that the category of the temporality of the work of art is both revealed and displaced.

Reprinted in Hendricks, ed.

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You will never forget that idea. It takes over the avant-garde only by repeating the event or the chance occurrence that the notion of a tradition automatically suppresses. The reality of sound — which is now “factual”, determinate and causal – has also become elusive, inexplicable, pulsating and repetitious.


This is the second moment of its function. Yet today it appears that artists are deliberately trying to make their work boring”. Elementary school essay question. Theoretically the sounds based on just intonation are less dissonant than the irrational tuning of the modern piano, yet their effect is not that of pure consonance.

dissertation sur le dadaisme

This evocation of the determinacy of cause is the main impact of his thing-like, repetitive or eternally sustained sounds. This theme is followed in Chapter Four and Five where I trace the movements of the signature effect as it becomes a pivotal moment in the historiographic operation of Raoul Hausmann and the French Fluxus-related artist Ben Vautier Ben respectively.

All of the works in the composition series express this ambivalence of continuity: Benjamin’s more philosophical translation of this in terms of the ontology and temporality of the event serve to emphasize how this process cuts through the time of tradition precisely by passing it on as tradition. The question of the temporality of the historical object that is taken up here will necessarily have implications for the construction of the tradition or history of the avant-garde.

The question here is of the mode of reception of the Dada work, i.

Dissertation sur le dadaisme

How do you make an outline for a research paper. Joan of Beaurevoir, “What part does a witness to St. The question of exact measure and scale is very markedly present in the work of George Brecht, whose endless, unshaped and completely deadpan constellations of everyday objects would initially appear to be the ultimate example dadsisme the new realist or concretist project.

This view of the role of the Event in Fluxus departs somewhat from the usual interpretations. Only it is not certain that the signature and the date will come to explain or guarantee what they once did: Since Gysin describes Dada’s work — which is also the work of himself and his friends – in clearly performative terms, the question of efficiency is naturally brought to the foreground: The strategy of boredom gives a concrete presence to the never- changing reality of the drive or cause that lies beyond the fantasy of reality but which also gives this reality its consistency and appeal.


Dada’s character as a shock is then, on the one hand, highly efficient it is like a flash of lightning which suddenly reveals the true character of art in bourgeois societybut on the other hand it has no effect at all.

L’absurde dans le théâtre Dada et présurréaliste français – Mgr. Mariana Kunešová, Ph.D.

Here, the signature is so to speak named or repeated as an avant-garde theme or preoccupation, and most of Ben’s work is devoted to the graphic movements, lines and dots of the signature handwriting itself — a writing whose shape and contour itself becomes blurred, perforated, extended at every turn. The spectator will “disappear into the piece. For the defining traits of this presence was precisely the uncompromising claim to reality itself, in its concrete, everyday materiality.

The earlier Dream House installations usually lasted several days, but during seven yearsNew York’s DIA Art Foundation sponsored a permanent sound and light installation at 6.

Dissertation sur le dadaisme

He will stop seeing himself, and start seeing events as events. Refusing the division of the “presence” of the work from the domain of theory seen as a general text without “body” or presencehis work becomes an example of the interplay of the hermeneutic and the ontological which characterizes Dada’s repetition.

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Cage’s chance reality is not a closed structure which one must either reject or completely submit to. The intersections, however, create unthinkable complexity and unpredictability. At one point, dissertstion wider framework is made explicit, even if Benjamin takes precautions with respect to differences of the fields in question. Still, as we have seen, boredom is double edged: It is because of this self-referential mechanism that the time of trauma is linked to repetition: Deleuze and Guattari have explained how the cartographic approach places fantasy well on the side of reality:

dissertation sur le dadaisme