You may work in groups of at most three people; however, you must always write up the solutions on your own. In particular, you should be aware that copying or sharing solutions, in whole or in part, from other students in the class or any other source without acknowledgment constitutes cheating. And you also get the benefit of student questions, examples etc. For both options, you are encouraged to access the course resources that are available to you all; help in hw parties, office hours that will be additionally staffed by readers, discussions, and piazza. Regrade requests should include a clear explanation of which grading category of the rubric you believe yourself to fall under. Propositional Logic, Proofs Tex solution Homework The course aims to present these ideas “in action”; each one will be geared towards a specific significant application.

Markov Chains Note This is an endeavor to let you choose. You may well learn a different way of looking at the problem, and you may also benefit from emulating the style of the solutions. The following activities are specifically forbidden in all graded course work: In addition to being fun, this can save you a lot of time by generating ideas quickly and preventing you from getting hung up on some point or other. Stable Marriage Note 5: Regrades for homework assignments must be requested through Gradescope within five days after you receive your grades.

CS Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory, Fall

Note 0 is background material that you should make sure you understand before the first lecture. The homeworks are explicitly designed to help you to learn the material as you go along.


cs70 homework solutions

Modular Arithmetic solution Discussion 03b: Following the material in class should save you several readings; even just watching it go by without fully understanding it makes your later reading easier. Contact them for more information.

And you also get the benefit of student questions, examples etc. If you’ve never done this solutioons, there is online information about how to access UCB newsgroups see also here for homfwork. We designed the curving methodology to be such you should choose the option that best fits your preferences on how to learn the material and how to organize your time. Conditional Probability Note Discussions The discussion sections will not cover new material, but rather will give you additional practice solving problems.

CS Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

Announcements Optional review session on counting: When solutionns the newsgroup, please do not post answers to homework questions before the homework is due. Variance solution Discussion 10a: In writing up your homework you are allowed to consult any book, paper, or published material.

Students are expected to help each other out, and, if desired, form ad-hoc “pickup” homework groups in the style of a pickup basketball game. In our experience, nobody begins the semester with the intention of cheating.

cs70 homework solutions

wolutions In a conceptual class such as this, it is particularly important to maintain a steady effort throughout the semester, rather than hope to cram just before homework deadlines or exams. Although the numerical weight of the homeworks is not huge or is zero, we work hard to make them instructive and interesting. We always welcome any feedback on what we could be doing better. Lecture 6 full 6up: Chebyshev’s Inequality Note If you follow this strategy, you should be aware that reading mathematics is NOT the same as reading a novel or a news article: Conditional Probability solution Discussion 08a: Homework 9 [ps] [pdf] due November 13 zolutions solutions [ps] [pdf].


Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory

Your lowest homework score will be dropped, but this drop should be reserved for emergencies. Textbooks Unfortunately, there is no book that adequately covers all the material in this course at the right level.

Make sure you allocate a sufficient number of hours every week to the class, including enough time for reading and understanding the material as well as for doing assignments. Students who cheat do so because they fall behind gradually and then panic. Academic dishonesty has no place in a university; it wastes our time and yours, and it is unfair to the majority of students. You can attend any discussion section you like.

cs70 homework solutions

Thus, students will see the purpose of the techniques at the same time as learning about them. Continuous Probability Note Homeworks will be assigned each Friday and will be due the following Friday at 5pm. Definitely do not wait until the night before it is due to start working on the homework. Regardless of which option you choose, the course staff will support you: The deadline for resubmission is always