Statistics This course teaches future managers how to extract information from data using statistical tools and how to apply probabilistic thinking to managerial problems. Contact our Admissions Team. Two noteworthy cases that I studied were for the leading online companies Alibaba and Amazon. An entrepreneurial mindset, sharp business acumen, and a focus on social good make Sophia Wu a powerhouse in the international business community and a great ambassador of the Rotman Executive MBA program. While renowned for our strengths in Strategy and Finance, the Rotman School has strengths in a number of functional areas, reflected in the choice of MBA majors:.

We would love to hear from you! Operations management was initially concerned with manufacturing operations. Ethical behaviour starts with management and an organization built on sound principles serves as a benchmark by which all stakeholder interests are measured. As we all got to know the real Sophia, we experienced the positive energy that she puts into everything she does. Operations Management Operations is the term that refers to the process by which organizations convert inputs e. My favourite professor is Doug Hyatt. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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I wanted to advance my career by learning how to be more successful. This course provides students with the opportunity to apply model-based decision making to a current business problem. Resources Hear From Business Schools.

The material covers the functions and responsibilities of senior management, the issues affecting the success of the organization, and the decisions determining its direction. Attend an admissions event online or in person. But students benefit from working with big firms in Toronto – with big data.

The benefit to companies is clear. MBA Pre-Program Before you are immersed in our month program, we offer you some learning opportunities so you can hit the ground running in September.


Grounded in the sciences of psychology and neurology, the LDP will develop your mastery of self-management, communication and interpersonal skills by exploring the implicit mental models necessary to intentionally reframe beliefs and shift behavioural patterns to better create desired outcomes.

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In this broad-spectrum course we will study how to manage this process. This provided me with direction I was looking for related to my future business and capstonw. Why did you choose this executive MBA program?

The world-class faculty and alumni network will help me reach my career goals. Term 2 7 Weeks Managing Customer Value The premise in this course is that customer value is a prerequisite to business success.

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Check out our Facebook page. The company, launched back inspecializes in online car insurance and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

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MBA In Canada: Rotman MBAs Network With CEOs – Through Big Data

You’ll also have the opportunity to customize your MBA experience further by choosing to specialize in a particular area of interest through one of our MBA Majors and accelerate your career through the experiential learning component of our innovative Flexible Internship program. The course develops skills in strategy development, research and analysis, and judgment in making business decisions that touch on customer value.

Registering will create your profile and allow you to network with other members, capstne can set your display preferences once registered by going to ‘Edit Profile’ It’s free to sign up and for a limited period you can download our Complete Guide to Business School Applications. Students sit in a talk at Rotman School of Management in Toronto. The course will be presented from the perspective of those who are users, rather than preparers, of accounting information.


The task involves marshalling the efforts of the pronect and its network partners to provide customers with a superior total package of benefits — comprising the product itself, associated services, brand image, appropriate pricing and availability.

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capstone project rotman

Upon course completion, the student will be better able to: The objectives of this course are: The Capstone course represents the culmination of the MBA curriculum as it allows students to experience in real-time and through a real-world problem how the explicit and systematic use of models can improve business decision-making. Most importantly, by completing the Rotman EMBA program, it has allowed me to create a new business with my classmate, which will allow me to continue to growth professionally.

Nighat Bano July 13, at 6: July 23, at 9: I believe that this opportunity helped me to enrich my project management experience and enhanced my time management skills to prioritize job tasks, deal with increased stress, and create a better work-life balance. How are you going to make the most of this summer? Registering will create your profile and allow you to network with other members, you can set your display preferences once registered by going to ‘Edit Profile’.

I really want to help people around the world and one way that I can do this is through our new venture, Toronto West Academy.