I can actually say that the qualification gained from the FIT Master programme helped me to get the job I was always looking for. Most mobile phones deliver data that determines our location even more precisely and, above all, uninterruptedly. MCII just started a new project in the Caribbean together with international and regional partners. Maybe, I should have done the GIZ elective course. There is no gainsay that the techniques acquired during my FIT programme were very instrumental in the successful completion of my PhD.

When i think of that place nostalgy together with a smile comes to my face. I am coordinating the monitoring and evaluation concept for this project. Folgen Sie uns auf: The conference focuses on IT solutions in forestry. Especially the preparation period for the climate negotiation in Copenhagen was very intensive. Concrete employers could be: Bio-Economy in itself cannot be considered as self-evidently sustainable.

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This is due to the interdisciplinary nature of the course modules within the programme. GeoServices — 4 — Sustainability – Erasmus Project Finding your location on a phone is no longer a novelty, it has become a standard consumer expectation. Nevertheless, I found my way and, it turned out to be so interesting to me. I focused my interest on ecological theiss and the data analysis language R.

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When i think of that place nostalgy together with a smile comes to my face. In my job at that time I felt that these topics are important and that we know so little about the complex nature of global change.


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The sprinter motivation in my studies was replaced by one of a marathon runner. GCM is the perfect study programme for those thessis who want to bring forward transformation in the ways that mankind live and explore the environment.

I wanted to study a course combining information technology and environment, therefore, FIT was an excellent option for me. My job is to model and simulate land use changes in tropical countries using spatial dynamic models to estimate future carbon emissions as consequence of land use change, degradation and bachellr.

bachelor thesis hnee

My job is to make sure politicians and society understand the importance of nature conservation and that forests are precious habitats for various animals and plants.

The induction into new topics and the responsibility were the biggest challenges. I will start working bcahelor at the institution where I accomplished my research project as well as my master thesis.

I am satisfied with that. All Departments 5 Documents 22 Researchers. The biggest challenge is for me to establish myself within the new field of development cooperation. First, Unee wanted to learn about tools that practically help in forest and environmental management.

Previously I did not feel the cognitive dissonance between urgency and possibility so much. The conference focuses on IT solutions in forestry. At the same time, I think it is possible that I will work in a completely different field someday. Ads help cover our server costs.


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Besides, studying has given me much satisfaction. I am preparing now to found my own company for Environmental IT. The BioEcon project team signed a number of Memorandums of Understanding MoUs regarding the implementation of the project.

The Hnef aims to develop a Msc. I enjoyed the international atmosphere and by the way I trained my English skills. Folgen Sie uns auf: For more information, follow the project on Facebook.

bachelor thesis hnee

Obwalden Schaffhausen Schwyz Solothurn St. Furthermore, it is challenging to maintain perspective on the complexity of climate negotiations and if necessary, to put my foot down.

The proposal was selected amongst eligible applications for the call. FIT made me a professional in environmental informatics. New topics evolve and it is important that bachelod can work your way into it, identify linkages and analyze synergies.

I am still in contact with some people who I met then.