Using AWS, BrightRoll has created comprehensive digital advertising solutions that deliver petabytes of data to more than 80 of the top US advertisers and 18 of the top 20 advertising technology companies. Using AWS, the company can support an average growth rate of 70 percent per year and marketing campaigns that can increase traffic by up to percent, while reducing operating expenditure by 20 percent per year over two years. By using AWS, Matchmove was able to launch its product while minimizing infrastructure time and money expenditures, and can meet stringent PCI requirements for its product. GoSquared provides customer analytics services for web and mobile companies. Using AWS has enabled 91App to reduce the time required to create and launch digital campaigns from what would have been several weeks in a physical infrastructure to 24 hours. Jobvite is a recruiting platform for the social web that integrates applicant tracking, employee referrals, recruitment marketing, and video interviews under one cloud-based platform.

The startup moved its operations to AWS early on to provide the robust computing power and speed it needed to present proofs of concept to its clients. The company uses AWS to run all of its operations, including its web application, a business-intelligence platform, and a real-time recommendation engine that helps customers quickly find job openings that fit their profile. Bankinter plans to expand their use of AWS for future applications and business units. The company was looking for a platform that would allow it to extend its in-store customer experience to online shoppers, and chose AWS. MediaMolecule is a game developer based in the U. Air Works is one of India’s largest independent aviation maintenance repair and overhaul companies. Fronde is a systems integrator and software developer based in Australia and New Zealand.

Using AWS has enabled Loyalty New Zealand to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in initial capital costs for a physical infrastructure, reduce the time to provision infrastructure resources from more than three months to 15 minutes, and establish a resilient, dynamic platform for future rewards program development.

Looking for affordable storage to support its growing user base, Fotomerchant turned to AWS and is able to scale and store customer data cost effectively. Fast-growing startup Ividata launched an innovative big-data product, Ivizone, which allows retailers to measure customer metrics and maximize marketing efforts.


The company uses AWS to store, manage, deliver and archive the content on its platform. As its digital publishing business grew, MPS Technologies began to look for a secure and cost-effective way to grow its infrastructure. ATG Media provides marketing platforms for auctions worldwide.

LOT now offers travelers a reliable, user-friendly mobile flight management tool and the company was able to lower IT maintenance costs.

aws case study bankinter

Using AWS, Canary has the scalability to serve customers in countries and can support more than million incoming videos daily. PayGate csae one of the leading payment processing companies in southern Africa, and a pioneer in online payment services in the region. Looking for a solution to advance their business to the next stage, Idomoo now uses AWS to support their entire end-to-end solution and saves up to 8 times in video generation costs.

Taking advantage of dynamic scaling and other AWS efficiencies enables Echo to deliver the learning platform to schools at banknter percent less than an on-premises solution. Euclid, based studh Palo Alto, CA, collects and analyzes data to help brick-and-mortar retailers optimize their businesses. The company was looking for a platform that would allow it to extend its in-store customer experience to online shoppers, and chose AWS.

AdiMap measures online advertising spend, app financials, and salary data. The company runs its application entirely on AWS, storing and analyzing billions of events. The company runs on AWS to scale in as little as 5 minutes for high-performance computing tasks and process cxse of millions of web pages per month.

aws case study bankinter

It has moved its infrastructure from local data centers and now hosts all its games on AWS. Naughty Dog is the developer of the Uncharted game franchise, in addition to other notable titles for the Sony PlayStation family of consoles. Razer creates and manages gaming peripherals, systems, and software businesses.

The company uses AWS to run all of its operations, including compute, identity and access management, caase storage.


AWS Case Study: Bankinter

Aella Credit uses AWS to support its loan-processing software and takes advantage of Amazon Rekognition for identity verification. Gibraltar Area Schools in Fish Creek, Wisconsin, was balancing the expense of aging servers with the realities of a limited state budget. When NDN was building its disruptive content model, it chose AWS for its content delivery platform to leverage its scalability and aqs costs.

Using an AWS solution, the school improved access to more than The company uses AWS to store, manage, deliver and archive the content on its platform.

Canary designs and manufactures a complete home security system in a single device that contains an HD video camera and environmental caze.

After successfully migrating its customer-facing websites to AWS, the company moved its internal finance application to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

Aircel offers studh range of voice and data services and is the fastest-growing telecommunications provider in India. Visual effects studio, Atomic Fiction, had four months to complete special effects for Star Trek: This has enabled Omise to scale to support demand peaks of more than 1, transactions per minute, deliver its services for one-third the cost of doing so from a physical data center, and achieve LIONSGATE maintains a library of 15, motion picture titles while continually releasing new movies and bankintr television programs for a global audience.

On AWS, Poshmark can scale to support thousands of requests per second during peak periods without the hassle of managing on-premises resources. sthdy

Financial Services Case Studies – Amazon Web Services

The company is using AWS to host its mobile application and credit card processing platform. The company has been doubling in size each year, creating scalability issues.

The company is running its website, platform, and video services on AWS. More important, we have the ability stucy run simulations that were not possible before due to the large amount of infrastructure required.

aws case study bankinter