The site is great for both teachers and students as teachers can teach the relevant topic E. Actually, PE is often regarded to be a really essential subject, not only for the benefits students can get from playing team sports in the school gym, but also for the social aspects of playing in a team with other students. Once the path is clear, gradually add in more carriers until you have the complete blood cycle going round the sportshall. Behaviour Punctuality Kit Homework Progress Extra Curricular I decided that for every lesson I would give them points based on those 6 areas where applicable. Previously students had to be assessed in four sports across a minimum of 2 categories and students had over 80 sports or physical activities that they could be assessed in.

At the start of the year I always have a look at the specification and see where I can teach the theory through a practical lesson. With my year 10 class I will be creating a form asking them what they feel their best 4 sports are. Students can undertake the different methods of training or they can focus on one method of training and then they have to explain and teach their peers that method of training. Aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar united states. In terms of size of the class, if you have 24 or more students in a class I would steer clear of racket sports unless you have an 8 court Badminton hall or at least 6 Table Tennis tables.

I believe there is still a link on the BBC gcee website in which students can enter some of the test results in and it gives students their top five sports based on their test results.

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

I also link this with my top trump cards see previous posts to consolidate learning and students understanding of what sports require certain components of fitness. I gcde had students undertake risk assessments by coming into a facility that I have set up prior to the lesson with deliberate risks set out.

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

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Pe Coursework Aqa

Once students have got their answer up you just scan with the device and it picks up the students answers. Furthermore to ensure the boys remained interested and engaged their groups would be changed every term still remaining mixed ability keeping that positive attitude.


With their partner students have to influence their peers on a sporting aspect. Morph suits are great for lessons on the body in particular muscles and bones. Gcse pe coursework aqa. In this blog I will be explaining how it works and more importantly how it has been received by the students.

Once you have a play around with GAFE I guarantee you will find yourself working far more efficiently and effectively.

I use Plickers a lot for starters and plenaries and it is great for developing students practice and understanding of multiple choice questions. In terms of individual sports, I think Athletics will be a popular choice as will Swimming.

Gcse pe coursework aqa

As he began to feel better in the afternoon he knew he could get a point for attending football practice as an extracurricular club and got his dad to drop him in.

We support learning across primary, secondary and. It then creates a very visual document for each of my students highlighting which questions they scored well on but more importantly the areas and questions that they did not do so well on.

When teaching aspects like the role of the media and the influence of the media I get students to try and recreate the Sky Sports News desk. Morph Suits Skeletal and Muscular system Morph suits are great for lessons on the body in particular muscles and bones.

AQA GCSE level PE: Success in the NEA

Homework — issued every time homework is set — on time and complete 2 pointson time but incomplete 1 pointlate but complete 1 pointlate and incomplete 0 points and no homework 0 points.

Plickers Multiple Choice Questions Plickers is an app that will help both you as the teacher with your marking but also the student by giving instant feedback. I am pleased to say that the top 3 from Autumn Term 2 were completely different students from the top 3 in Autumn Term 1 and probably more importantly so were the bottom 3 students.

The quiz consists of 6 questions which vary in type e.

Recently I created some up to date top trump cards for my students to play each other in lessons. Behaviour — issued every lesson — as expected 2 pointswarnings given 1 point and gxse 0 points.


AQA GCSE level PE: Success in the NEA – Keynote Educational

Home Gcse pe coursework aqa Gcse pe exempar aqa Data: I often use this at the end of a sport and send students the grading criteria for Key Process A and Key Process B in that sport with grades and students then give themselves a grade for both Key Process A and Key Process B out of 10 in that sport. How it has been received by the students?

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

A new feature of Plickers is that it now collates students responses so over time you can see where students went wrong. Students really enjoy this as it gets them working with their partner, it shows me whether they have understood the content from the previous lesson and it gets them working under a little bit of pressure particularly when they know that the theme tune is coming to an end.

Will Rounders fixtures be replaced by girls Cricket fixtures? These are all conversations you can have with parents and students and with the extracurricular figures I have actually used these to write letters home to parents who I believe have not attended enough clubs after school. Sports such as Cycling and Rock Climbing can be expensive for students to pursue outside of school.

Running this league allows me to see why students are at the top of the league and more importantly why are they at the bottom of the league.

I input the data mark into the google sheet for each question for each student. As always I would be interested to hear of other PE colleagues that use practical methods to teach certain aspects of theory lessons particularly those that I have not mentioned in this blog. They then send the carrier back to the heart where the cycle begins again and they are directed to another part of the body.