Challenges facing Sunwind are: Sun Wind should ask it supplier to reduce this lead time as it is planning to go for JIT. The benefits for Volvo would be: On the other hand, the production planning department focuses on first four weeks of delivery schedule which was considered firm. Using this what we can do is to form batches in a way so that each batch gives us 32 varieties of different materials instead of having the same variety in a batch. Both are major causes for concern, even more so given the competitor already supplying just-in-time to the Ghent plant.

Their batch size as mentioned before is also very large, hence they need to change this strategy too. In Sunwind, the workstation load of various operations is not uniform. You may like to meet the new demand forecast by balancing the capacity of Sunwind operations. Product details Share this page: Sunwind a B A.

The problem regarding its inability to meet demand csse concerns its major customer, Volvo. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies as described in our privacy policy unless you have disabled them.

Defective materials were rejected by eliminating the problem but no summary statements were available in Sunwind concerning the rejects.

sunwind ab case study

As a result there is inventory pile up at workstations with high cycle time. Q 5 Draw the process flow diagram of Sunwind operations. Defects were inspected by customers after delivery instead of identification in-house. How to cite this page Choose cite format: Every 4 weeks Volvo send an order form indication the requirement over a 60 week planning horizon.

sunwind ab case study

On the other hand, the production planning department focuses on first four weeks of delivery schedule which was considered firm. The Case Centre is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, registered in England No and entered in the Register of Charities No Hence this becomes the cycle time for the entire batch process.


A limited time offer! This would help workers to get acquaintance of all the products and also though there is any wastage in a batch the other batch can cover up for it, studu a batch has all the products of same kind it would be a problem if there is any defect or quality issues.

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The newly appointed managing director is faced with capacity and quality problems on the one hand and plant closure on the other. The batch size if we see for different operations varies from tosuch a huge amount of batch size might lead to having no control over the quality issues i. Ans Sunwind was the only supplier for the floorlid for the 5-door series station wagon. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now.

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Analysis of process flow can be used to determine non-value adding activities and eventually curtail them. Procedures are not monitored formally and there is a tendency to rely on workers’ ability to recognize and react to glaring faults. Flores de A a B.

Knowledge of the production schedules of Volvo in advance will enable Sunwind to request transport and containers in advance so that they arrive just in time for loading. Considering new Capacity planning and line balancing for Sunwind as in Q7, our cycle time is 1.

Sunwind Ab Case

This would also help reduce the damage caused to parts due to excessive movement. My account New to The Case Centre? Published on Feb View 39 Download 5. The 4 week periodical order placement can help Sunwind plan its production such that they complete production just in time for shipment and the shipment occurs just in time for assembly at Volvo. Similarly if we subwind into this case the distances are sumwind below Save to Kalmar —— The quality issue can be addressed, if we have the batch size to be small there is an every chance to make strict quality checks and reject the rest.


The same sunwijd is done when the units reach the ordered company it will crosscheck the number of units in the box with the required in the card, once it matches it will then proceed to the operations.

Current status studu required elements for adopting JIT in Sunwind: Sun Wind needs to reduce its inventory level and present MLT so as to identify defects at source thereby reducing cost as rejection rate comes down. Implementing JIT will enable ease of transportation. Hence a JIT will shorten the Manufacturing lead time thereby reducing the inventory level and lumpy requirements on different workstations.

Sunwind’s inventory costs would decrease substantially. Considering suppliers as partners in venture can build long term profitable relationship studu there is a win-win situation for everyone.