Thus the effectiveness of the recruitment process can play a major role in determining the resources that must be expended on other HR activates and their ultimate success. Development means the growth of an employee in all respects. I strongly recommend not to join HCL-I. Employee training is a specialized function and is one of the functional operative functions for human resource management. How do you find the skill of the trainer for giving training?

Certain step has been taken which are as follows: After identifying the sources of human resources, searching for prospective employees and stimulation helps too apply for jobs in an organization, the management has to perform the function of selecting the right man at right job and at the right time. Motivational activities and entertainment- involves motivating the employees to Improve their productivity. Reward and Recognition hcl. Training develops adaptability among workers. Executive development seeks to develop competence and skill for future performance. Legal aspect of training:

That was an Literayure experience in that company, I was working as an service engineer under apprentice there, there was a lot workload and sum I was paid was horrible I only know how I had to struggle there for my survival, the working hour was not properly defined for us we had to just work and They hire you as a temporary employee on contract of 1 year and promise to give you permanent position after completion of 1 year Are there Job Opportunities after the Revisw It is also save costly machines from being damaged by mishandling of the untrained workers.


Great place to work. One of the key elements to HCL’s success is its never-ending pursuit of superior quality in all its endeavors.


literature review of hcl infosystems

Do you find yourself more relaxed at the time of work after training? Training and Development β€”it includes technical, soft skills and process related Training. The basic purpose of refreshers training is to acquaint the existing workforce with the latest methods of performing their jobs and improve their efficiency further. Job rotation is thus used by many organizations for all-round personality development of worker and more adaptability in them.

literature review of hcl infosystems

What is the fee involved? It is very efficient method used to train semiskilled personnel, particularly when many of the employees have to be trained for the same kind of work at same regiew. Roles and responsibilities-that every individual employee needs to fulfill.

No career path, no appraisal, full of politics, people do not want to work there and neither will they let you work, no mentorship for the new employees. Trainee will be eligible for a monthly stipend after completing the ILT, he could also earn high incentives on performance basis. The fee covers candidates training and accommodation cost to the company as per the Program.

In order to achieve excellence in training and development program, it is advisable to further improve the quality level of trainers that in term will be beneficial for both employees and organizations.

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Human resource development This department looks after the needs and Requirement the present employees. County-wide needs assessment, development of supervisory and management skills, employee training and infoststems. From the questionnaire found that mostly employees are young. This is essential in cases in which actual on β€” the β€” job practice is expensive, might result in serious injury and a costly error. Employee separation-includes resignation and dismissal.


Training is the most revidw technique of human resource development.

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HCL is the worst company I have ever seen. Apprenticeship training Apprenticeship training programme tends lietrature towards education. The experience of the actually doing something makes a lasting impression and has reality that other types cannot provide this training is for everybody from clerk to company president.

literature review of hcl infosystems

Parameters for Training and Development programme were listed. Organization objective like viability, stability and growth can also be achieved through training.

What is in it for me? Literwture the individual in making better decision and effective problem solving. Joining formalities- take place when a new employee joins the company.

Claim this company page Review this company. Do you think training programme help you to become more efficient? Ensure that the management commits itself to allocate major resources and adequate time to training.

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