Vinland the Good There, they came ashore and constructed some booths, and later a large house for the winter. He named this land Markland Woodland which today is believed to be the eastern coast of Canada. He was determined to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia, but he never did. They sailed for many days and Leif thought they would run out of food. Reprinted with permission from the Leif Erikson website. The Real Story of Columbus.

He named this land Markland Woodland which today is believed to be the eastern coast of Canada. He decided to find the lands to the west of which Bjarni had spoke. Leif decided there was no reason to rush back home to Greenland, so he accepted the offer. One day, when Leif was watching the boats, he saw an old tattered ship rowing very slowly. He also told him of how a plague had struck Norway and how many people had died. He was determined to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia, but he never did.

Leif Eriksson – HISTORY

According to one school of thought, Eriksson sailed off course on his way back to Greenland and landed on the North American continent, where he explored a region he called Vinland.

The wind Leif was sailing on was fair at the beginning, but after their first day it slowed only to a gentle breeze. When Leif was not learning he and his friends would watch the ships come into the harbor; then he would listen to the tales of the sailors.

After he calmed down he explained to the men that essaay had found grapes on this essy. After spending the winter in Vinland, Leif sailed back to Greenland, and never returned to North American shores.


Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia, ed. But if you see something that doesn’t look right, click here to contact us! Thyrker taught Leif everything he needed to know, including reading and writing runes, the Celtic and Russian tongueand the ways of trade. At 12, Leif was considered a man and traveled back to his father’s house. Inin honor of the th anniversary of the arrival of the first official group of Norwegian immigrants in the United States, President Calvin Coolidge announced to a Minnesota crowd that Eriksson had been the first European to discover America.

It was during this conflict that Thorvald was fatally wounded. Leif then sailed south and found another land.

Leif Eriksson

Leif Eriksson First Voyager to America. Because of this, the Thing council banished Eric from Iceland for three years. Finally they sighted some small islands, the Hebrides, they realized they had sailed farther south than they had intended. After one of these expeditions, Thyrker didn’t return.

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With favourable weather and winds, Leif and his crew were soon following the outlines of the new lands that they had heard of. She had her child and named him Thorgils. After the houses were built, Leif sent out an exploration group to explore eeicson land. One day, while playing chess with Leif, King Olaf told him of how he used to also worship the gods Leif did.

leif ericson essay

They kept sailing and found another land. Instead, when he was eight he moved in with a man named Thyrker.

So, Eric took his wife and kids, some slaves, and ample supplies and traveled west. Robert Peary Reaches North Pole. Using his knowledge of the sea he went upstream from the polar bear and let the current carry his boat into the ice flow. Instead, he accidentally stumbled upon the Americas. After twice being turned back by ice, Hudson embarked on a third voyage—this time on behalf of the Dutch East India Company—in His men buried him in Vinland and called the place Crossness.


Evidence suggests that there is foundation elif these beliefs. John Cabot Though the exact details of his life and expeditions are the subject of debate, John Cabot or Giovanni Caboto, as he was known in Italian may have developed the idea of sailing westward to reach the riches of Asia while working for a Venetian merchant.

Leif Erikson

This one was flat and forest covered, but they did not land there either, they had to get back to Greenland. There lived the lord’s daughter who was named Thorgunna. Leif the Lucky In the spring, Leif and his men returned to Greenland. He decided to capture the bear but there was a strong current between the ice flow and land. Then Leif sailed southeast for two days and came to an island with a mainland behind it.