How To Instantly Identify Bad Customer Service

A study shows that 6 out of 10 customers who have experienced bad customer service from a certain company or store, have stopped purchasing their products or services. Thousands of companies and businesses around the world have disintegrated and failed because of bad customer service because bad customer service leads to fewer clients, fewer clients lead to low profit, low profit leads to bankruptcy. So as an employer, service provider, or business owner, you don’t want to have employees who provide bad customer service. Make sure to employ deserving people with the greatest attitudes and characteristics. For customers and clients, it is also important for you to know what bad customer service is, so you know if your money is worth the service they provide. That’s why service providers and customers, we provide you below how to identify bad customer service.

Clients are heard but not listened

Everyone wants empathy, right? We all want to be listened to. For employers or service providers, make sure your employees know how to listen to your customers. This builds a relationship with your customers, adding up satisfaction for your service. For customers or clients, make sure you have a service provider that listens to you and understands you whether it is a complain or not because if they listen to you, they value you.

Numerous complaints

Of course, we all know that complaints are negative so who wants that, right? As an employer, if you get a lot of complaints or if you get complaints consistently, it is a huge sign that your customer service really sucks. If you have a lot of complaints you will much likely lose customers, which will lead your company or business to a downfall, and you would not like that so make sure to take immediate action. For customers or consumers, if you are to hire a service, check the customer feedbacks first or the ratings of its former clients. If you see a lot of complaints and bad ratings, don’t hesitate to look for another service provider. You don’t want to waste your money.


Reliability is a must, it is a part of how your customers or clients trust you. For service providers, make sure your business is always reliable, if your customers have problems make sure you have enough knowledge and power to help them with their problems. For customers, if you experience a service that could not help you with a problem that they should be knowledgeable about, erase them from your list of service providers.


Make sure your company is easy to reach, or easy to communicate with. For customers or clients make sure your service providers are always there for you and easy to access. If you always have problems contacting them or communicating with them, that is not a good sign. We all need someone to call in case of emergencies.