Important Elements of a Good Product You Should Know

Nowadays, new products emerge like electronic devices to electronic accessories, from women’s fashion to men’s fashion, home appliances, health and beauty products, home and lifestyle products, and a whole lot more. But all of these appear because of us humans – we develop and upgrade our world, we are the minds behind every innovative product there is today. If there was no Thomas Edison there would be no light bulb, if there was no Graham Bell there is no telephone, if there was no Karl Benz there would be no cars, if there was no Tim Berners-Lee there would be no internet. All of these are examples of brilliant inventors and their magnificent products. And nowadays, technology is widespread to make our lives easier and better, and also gives us the opportunity to purchase, develop, and innovate more products. That’s why whether you’re the inventor or the customer you should always know if a product is good because a good product is a successful product. 

Uniqueness and practicality

Is your product one of a kind or different than other products in the same categorical marketplace? Because that is what you would want, the uniqueness of it, the authenticity. But if not unique, is it practical? It should be practical, all products should be because practicality is what customers seek.


A product should have good packaging, especially for products that could get damaged during transportation. If your product does not need a manual, do the packaging of your product at least have basic instructions? Whether it needs a manual or not, a good product should at least have a basic and reliable information about the product on its packaging.

Price worthy

Is the product worth its price? For sure we all don’t like to buy expensive stuff, we all know that the more expensive, the better the product. But it does not work for all products, you might find products in the marketplace cheaper but better than the expensive ones, or the other way around.


Is the product safe? Does it contain any hazardous chemicals not needed for its use? Could the product become a reason for fatal accidents? Better check your product first to be sure, because safety is the number one priority.


Everybody loves anything that is multifunctional. For innovators, go think ahead of your competitors for what they don’t have in their product so yours could be better. For consumers, go for the product that has more function or ability.

Company’s reliability

Each company or brand should always be reliable. For innovators, make sure your customers would 100% rely on your business in every aspect your company should be accountable for. For consumers make sure the company or brand of the product you are about to purchase is a 100% reliable, make sure of their accountability.