How To Identify A Good Customer Service

icon of good customer service

Customer service providing businesses are flourishing nowadays. While there are humans, there is technology. Some technological devices don’t need manpower to provide service to its customers, but some need manpower. That is why manpower is still in demand nowadays, which leads to customer service providing businesses intact. If you’re the employer, you must know good customer service, make sure your employees provide your customers or clients good and exceptional service – because they showcase your brand/company, from when providing their service tasks, to their traits and characteristics as a person. If you’re the customer, you should also know what good customer service is. Of course, you don’t want bad customer service, who wants that right? But sometimes we are not aware that these service providers give us bad customer service. So for service providers and customers, we were able to gather some information on what good customer service is.

Listening skill

For the employer and client, make sure listening skills are available, one should always know how to listen or to understand. Customers would add satisfaction if they know that someone listened and understood them. Remember, listening is way more different than hearing.


Positivity is the best of all because when one has a positive attitude, positive energy spreads affecting other people around. So for employers or service providers, make sure you always have a positive energy, if you have an employee that always looks grumpy, or the tone of his voice is not that of a positive type, and that is all his natural way of being, you must tell him/her to change that, he/she may not intend to be negative, but he would look like one. So make sure to brief them about positivity. For customers or clients, we all know negativity is unwanted and never wanted, so go for the positive one because positivity is better.


For employers, make sure your employees are knowledgeable about your product or the service your company has to provide, always brief them and give them lessons. For customers or clients, make sure the person you hired are knowledgeable of what he does, if you have doubts, don’t hesitate to ask. Being sure is better than to problems leading to more problems.


For employers or service providers, make sure your company is always accessible, make sure you don’t have any technical difficulties when it comes to means of communication. For customers, make sure your service providers are a 100% accessible all the time because when you have emergencies, you will always have someone to rely on.