Students must show financial need i. It is a good way to get experience and the project out of the way, but you do lose the work during the day option, which may be an issue for some students. Biology has 3 options: Students are encouraged to propose an experimental strategy to test the hypothesis with clearly articulated possible outcomes and limitations. There are probably a few other things that one should think about. Therefore, the ultimate authority is the APA pubication manual. If you are interested in pursuing an Honours Thesis, you are strongly encouraged to apply to the Specialized Honours Program, and this will be required for students interested in completing a thesis as of Fall

An electronic version is available. Who is the person I talk to about the Honours Project? Please contact Adam Taves, Psychology Librarian, taves yorku. In my experience, this is overkill and not needed. Check out the following link its for FW09, but you get the idea: The SU only option is a 4-month project versus a full 8 months. What is an Honours thesis?

If you started your degree program here at York University inyou will need to satisfy the New Degree Requirements. Think of it this way: Each Project course is designed for students in that particular stream. Please contact Adam Taves, Psychology Librarian, taves yorku. The Richard Goranson Memorial Award: What is the Thwsis option?

A strong thesis is built on carefully reviewing and analyzing the literature, and communicating clearly honourss professionally. Most professors have a lab website, or reserach blurb on the departmental page. The p sychology course requirements are identical for both BA and BSc students.


This page is still under construction and some information might be outdated. Quite often some projects just can’t be done in 4 months The short answer honorus No. The thesis involves considerable self-directed work and must reflect critical thinking and analytical skills and an understanding of the scientific method.

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The course concludes with an oral defense of the thesis. For instance, if the project requires cell growth, and those cells take a very long time to grow, you have to complete the project on that timeline.

Required science credits outside the major can be selected from the following: Please fill out the appropriate registration form and submit it to the Undergraduate Assistant in the Dept. The SU only option is a 4-month project versus a full 8 months. This is a really important point.

honours thesis yorku

To get help with writing in general see the etutoring or workshops available through the writing department located at s Ross Building. The catch is that you still need to put in all the required hours for the project. If you joined our department prior toyou will typically follow the Previous Degree Requirement as of Fall ; Major credits only.

honours thesis yorku

Would you like to impress your professor with a solid literature review? Don’t panic if the first professor s say no. Note that if you talk with a professor before being allowed to enrol, you will need to honourd with the professor and get their signature Please note that if your gpa is on the lower side, you may be required to find a professor first Some weeks you will need to put in more hours.


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The form should be signed by the student, supervisor and advisor prior to submitting to the Biology UGPD. Click on the URL provided in the catalogue record. How to Sign Up: You should check with your potential supervisor prior to signing up for this option.

The research project involves a significant investment of time and effort in the laboratory or field. Given that the manual is over pages in length, there is a lot of information not covered in the aforementioned resources.

The point of the project is lab experience, and getting into a lab, any lab, is a means to getting that experience.

honours thesis yorku

Degree Program Requirements We have recently made program changes. You can sign up on a first-come basis using this online booking form at the following address: Theses and dissertations not available in the Libraries or online can be requested through the Resource Sharing Department.