Finally, the absence of motive for the crime was a serious thorn in the prosecution case. Cavaignac made a statement two days long, but failed to prove the guilt of Dreyfus. The General Staff , however, refused to reconsider its judgment and transferred Picquart to North Africa. Antisemitism peaked in the press and occurred in areas so far spared. The purpose of the General Staff was to obtain the perfect proof under French law: Despite his apparently entirely involuntary role in the revision of the trial, Brisson remained convinced that Dreyfus was guilty and made a statement disparaging and offensive to Dreyfus at the Rennes trial.

Retrieved 23 July These two opposing sides both used the media to turn public opinion to their favour, and in the space of weeks the press had become the predominant arm used. The conviction of the judges had been shaken by the firm and logical answers of the accused. Anatole France , who demanded that Dreyfus be present at the funeral while the Chief of Police wanted his absence “to avoid problems”, read his funeral oration for the author of ” J’accuse! He disembarked on 30 June in Port Haliguen on the Quiberon peninsula in the greatest secrecy, “a clandestine and nocturnal return”.

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The Dreyfusard press replied with strong new evidence in its possession. There is not now and there can be no Dreyfus affair. Can I hide their shame? Gibert in a private conversation. For the uninhibited growth of populist nationalism was another major result of the event in French politics even though it did not originate from the Dreyfus affair.

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All sections of society were affected; some were devastated. Its significance on politics was massive as it brought the struggle one step further, France was truly divided in two mainly because of the struggle the media was also fighting.


Some features of WorldCat will not be available. In January two events raised the case to national prominence: Amidst this pandemonium of hatred, the Dreyfus affair emerged, at a moment where anti-Semitism was gradually on the rise again. General Mercier, champion of the anti-Dreyfusards, intervened constantly in the press to confirm the accuracy of the first judgement: It was during this period that disseftation political landscape was shaping itself for a struggle and waiting for an occasion to reshape politics.

He had the right to see his lafvaire twice a week in a long room, each of them at one end, with the director of the prison in the middle.

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This affair was not a banal one, it had taken a massive importance and its outcome would decide which political road France was to take, a democratic one, or an authoritarian one. Points History, pp. What occult power, why shamefully oppose the action of justice? By that judgment, the Supreme Court imposed itself as an absolute authority capable of standing up to military and political power.

dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

Du Paty even tried to suggest suicide by placing a revolver in front of Dreyfus, but he refused to take his life, saying he “wanted to live to establish his innocence”. Dreyfus was not found innocent.

dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

Please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external dussertation, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references. When Mathieu thanked him, he replied curtly that he was “doing his duty”.

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danw This measure was the result of false information of his escape revealed by a British newspaper. Were I to sum up the Basel Congress in a word — which I shall guard against pronouncing publicly — it would be this: Each gift was accompanied by pithy, often abusive, remarks on Dreyfus and the Dreyfusards. On 6 Septemberthe conditions of life for Dreyfus worsened again; he was chained double loopedforcing him to stay in bed motionless with his ankles shackled.


Your request to send this item has been completed. To find the culprit, using simple though crude reasoning, [28] the circle of the search was arbitrarily restricted to suspects posted to, or former employees of, the General Staff — necessarily a trainee artillery [Note 8] officer. The French Ministry Dissertayion War was searching for the spy and fans testing various officers that could be suspected of treason.

This too was the birth of something the modern world takes for granted: Evidently, dreyfis ever found any evidence of these convenient assertions. Please enter dreyfs name. The trial opened on 7 August in an atmosphere of extreme tension. Alfred Dreyfus was in no way aware of what was happening thousands of kilometres from him. The rehabilitation process was not completed until six years later without sparkle or passion.

It began with the pamphlet of Bernard Lazare, the first intellectual Dreyfusard.