However, as you know, these things take time. So, I will come back to you in writing on that. We will go around again if need be. I should say that the departmental board regularly reviews the scorecard targets, which incorporate the plan’s inward-facing and the outward-facing targets. However, that review is at board level. That is important, because looking at the targets in isolation does not identify the complexity of the environment. We have been through this, but we have not met that target or got anywhere near it.

For example, I know that you have some issues with rural transport, but the whole idea of the rural transport scheme is that people with special needs and disabilities get free or subsidised trips. We talk to the beneficiaries and the community groups that help to deliver, perhaps, the challenge fund, and make sure that it is having an impact. It looks as though there will be a very positive outcome in December, and, hopefully, we will carry that on through. The more you look, the more you find. It is about the gravity, size and extent of it and the amount of funding involved. Pauline is much closer to that than I would be, and I will let you comment, Pauline. It is not all the Department’s fault, because we have crisis upon crisis here, and, whether we like it or not, that all leads to administration.

I think that the objective of that goal is to progress the land parcel identification system project and the work that has been undertaken to make sure that we are in compliance with EU regulations. At this stage, we are developing that response, and the Minister has been involved in that process. Thank you for lpan briefing.

They are still being isolated, and they are becoming more so, in employment and education, as time goes on. However, in the strategic issues section of the plan, we refer under digital services to the generality of simplifying the processes and procedures that are associated with the administration of the schemes for our customers.


When you have a field it is easy to see the MEA within a field, but, because graziers take notional parcels of common land, that is difficult to represent on a map. That created an enormous challenge for us.

You have never used all of the funding that has been available. With busienss to the rural White Paper action plan, the annual progress report was to go to the Executive and the stakeholder group, and they were to meet and discuss further actions and a revised action plan.

There is an enthusiasm, and everybody in the Department is working very hard to make that response as quickly as possible.

dard business plan 2013-14

I appreciate that there is limited amount of funds, but I think that you have never actually met the target over the past three years. That is a very significant programme.

Out-turn Report on the Business Plan Targets: DARD

That will come back to the Committee for consideration to make sure that the targets that we include are sufficiently tight and stretching for the Department. It is also important to recognise that we are just about to embark on the whole CAP reform process.

Pauline, we are losing you. Graeme, I want to ask about goal 2, target 2, which is to do with the rural White Paper action plan. We will go around again if need be.

Official Report (Hansard)

Again, I am happy to take any comments or observations that members may have on those. To my recollection, it took slightly longer than it was supposed to, but it was outside our control. The more you look, the more you find. The Minister made an announcement about further financial assistance for the fishing industry in July this year.


So, I suppose that my question is: The exception is goal 2, target 3, which is recorded at page 12 of the report. It is about understanding what is going to work best for the individual sector, so it is a bespoke programme.

So, people were aware that it was going to happen and of the time that it was scheduled to 2013-41. We have to be disciplined.

dard business plan 2013-14

213-14 you go off the subject, Jo-Anne, I want to ask a question. As you said, I am here to present the business plan out-turn report for the Department as well as the Programme for Government targets.

Inward-facing targets are not part of what would come to the Committee. I advise the Committee that three of the four Programme for Government-related business plan targets are reported as green.

dard business plan 2013-14

With respect, if you are listening to farmers on the ground, they feel that it is moving far too slowly and shows how little regard DARD really has for darr industry. I also ask members to keep their questions concise and to the point and their supplementary questions on-message with their original question. My understanding is that there has been a little bit of slippage, in that it is currently finalising the report.

Having developed the scorecard, the strategy board identified the relevant targets that are to be extracted for inclusion in the business plan, which is being presented today.

I think it is time that we took a holistic approach.