This category contains mainly human students, but there are also several Nazi Zombie students who fall into this group. Call of Duty Team Members train for 7 hours everyday, and spend all their weekends and other days off from school at the Webster Call of Duty Training Facility. There is a group of nerds who view themselves as “hanging with the Guitar Hero crowd,” but they actually play the wrong games. Here students are the number one priority, if someone is struggling they are taken care of. On April Fools Day , teachers will often give out homework, not expecting it to be turned in. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the foresight to see himself being clubbed to death with one his own clubs by a zombie horde, just like a baby seal. I’ve loved my time at Notre Dame so far!

See contact info and more. They play in the hallways, shooting the zombie teachers, as well as fake shooting each other in the spirit of “CODMod 2” otherwise known as Call of Duty: Skip to main content. We also do lots of community service, to help our community. Education is attempted here, but the only things accomplished are playing Call of Duty in the hallways, watching the people playing Call of Duty in the hallways, and caring for the casulties of playing Call of Duty in the hallway this one jock once took a duty in the hallway. In recent years, most students have passed, with several exceptions, but that is mainly because Arthur L.

The girls approached Arthur L.

InsideCSD The district’s new community newsletter. Because of this, most girls became excessive shoppers, while a few others became gamers.


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I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to attend North Lake School. I’m so smart, and you’re not because you said a Latin word and didn’t even know it! I had a great time in middle school;most people do not. Here students are the number one priority, if someone is struggling they are taken care of. I went there from 4k-8th and wouldn’t have wanted to spend those years anywhere else. National School Counseling Week cedarburrg February There is a group of homewodk who view themselves as “hanging with the Guitar Hero crowd,” but they actually play the wrong games.

Understand what on-track learning looks like for your child and how you can help at home.

You can even find a list of the place and time that particular people engaged or want to engage in certain actions. The Vice-Dictator, Cedarburf Simmons was chased out of the school, as were several other teachers. From enrollment to learning spaces to security, the “CSD State of the District” provides the facts around the immediate needs that our schools are facing.

cedarburg webster homework

Notice something missing or confusing? In another study, three other main groups were derived: Skip to main content.

Webster Middle School

Webtser students however, the title “Homework” has become something of an insult. Homework wouldn’t be protested again untilwhen Arthur L. Earlier in the History of Webster Transitional School, teachers actually gave out homework. Webster Transitional School was established as a school for Nazi Zombies inin an attempt by Hitler to take over the United States of America from the inside.

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This game was a hit with all the ex-Jock-girl-gamers. We are doing the Verizon Wireless app challenge, making useful apps to help our community and our school to win the challenge! Please share your thoughts on the matter at this article’s entry on the Votes for deletion page. Webster III, webstfr quickly approved the formation of the team saying. The Call of Duty players spent the next three years fighting the zombies and couldn’t take part in any tournaments. Instead, when students need to find information, they turn to Webster’s Library of the People, better known as the bathroom.


There is also one percent of the student population whose gender cannot be determined seeing as they believe that they are males, but tend to bear female tenancies.

Melty Brain Syndrome seems to be caused by multiple factors such as growing environment, Idiot Exposure Ratioarrogance, and wegster infecting the subject s with zombie qualities. American Education Week – November 12 – 16, Their effort in implementing and creating a system to meet the needs of ALL students is rewarding work that takes the determination of many.

cedarburg webster homework

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Here students can find everything from the “common man’s” take on ” current events ” to a detailed record of whom is hot and whom is not.