How To Identify A Good Customer Service

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Customer service providing businesses are flourishing nowadays. While there are humans, there is technology. Some technological devices don’t need manpower to provide service to its customers, but some need manpower. That is why manpower is still in demand nowadays, which leads to customer service providing businesses intact. If you’re the employer, you must know good customer service, make sure your employees provide your customers or clients good and exceptional service – because they showcase your brand/company, from when providing their service tasks, to their traits and characteristics as a person. If you’re the customer, you should also know what good customer service is. Of course, you don’t want bad customer service, who wants that right? But sometimes we are not aware that these service providers give us bad customer service. So for service providers and customers, we were able to gather some information on what good customer service is.

Listening skill

For the employer and client, make sure listening skills are available, one should always know how to listen or to understand. Customers would add satisfaction if they know that someone listened and understood them. Remember, listening is way more different than hearing.


Positivity is the best of all because when one has a positive attitude, positive energy spreads affecting other people around. So for employers or service providers, make sure you always have a positive energy, if you have an employee that always looks grumpy, or the tone of his voice is not that of a positive type, and that is all his natural way of being, you must tell him/her to change that, he/she may not intend to be negative, but he would look like one. So make sure to brief them about positivity. For customers or clients, we all know negativity is unwanted and never wanted, so go for the positive one because positivity is better.


For employers, make sure your employees are knowledgeable about your product or the service your company has to provide, always brief them and give them lessons. For customers or clients, make sure the person you hired are knowledgeable of what he does, if you have doubts, don’t hesitate to ask. Being sure is better than to problems leading to more problems.


For employers or service providers, make sure your company is always accessible, make sure you don’t have any technical difficulties when it comes to means of communication. For customers, make sure your service providers are a 100% accessible all the time because when you have emergencies, you will always have someone to rely on.


How To Instantly Identify Bad Customer Service

A study shows that 6 out of 10 customers who have experienced bad customer service from a certain company or store, have stopped purchasing their products or services. Thousands of companies and businesses around the world have disintegrated and failed because of bad customer service because bad customer service leads to fewer clients, fewer clients lead to low profit, low profit leads to bankruptcy. So as an employer, service provider, or business owner, you don’t want to have employees who provide bad customer service. Make sure to employ deserving people with the greatest attitudes and characteristics. For customers and clients, it is also important for you to know what bad customer service is, so you know if your money is worth the service they provide. That’s why service providers and customers, we provide you below how to identify bad customer service.

Clients are heard but not listened

Everyone wants empathy, right? We all want to be listened to. For employers or service providers, make sure your employees know how to listen to your customers. This builds a relationship with your customers, adding up satisfaction for your service. For customers or clients, make sure you have a service provider that listens to you and understands you whether it is a complain or not because if they listen to you, they value you.

Numerous complaints

Of course, we all know that complaints are negative so who wants that, right? As an employer, if you get a lot of complaints or if you get complaints consistently, it is a huge sign that your customer service really sucks. If you have a lot of complaints you will much likely lose customers, which will lead your company or business to a downfall, and you would not like that so make sure to take immediate action. For customers or consumers, if you are to hire a service, check the customer feedbacks first or the ratings of its former clients. If you see a lot of complaints and bad ratings, don’t hesitate to look for another service provider. You don’t want to waste your money.


Reliability is a must, it is a part of how your customers or clients trust you. For service providers, make sure your business is always reliable, if your customers have problems make sure you have enough knowledge and power to help them with their problems. For customers, if you experience a service that could not help you with a problem that they should be knowledgeable about, erase them from your list of service providers.


Make sure your company is easy to reach, or easy to communicate with. For customers or clients make sure your service providers are always there for you and easy to access. If you always have problems contacting them or communicating with them, that is not a good sign. We all need someone to call in case of emergencies.

Important Elements of a Good Product You Should Know

Nowadays, new products emerge like electronic devices to electronic accessories, from women’s fashion to men’s fashion, home appliances, health and beauty products, home and lifestyle products, and a whole lot more. But all of these appear because of us humans – we develop and upgrade our world, we are the minds behind every innovative product there is today. If there was no Thomas Edison there would be no light bulb, if there was no Graham Bell there is no telephone, if there was no Karl Benz there would be no cars, if there was no Tim Berners-Lee there would be no internet. All of these are examples of brilliant inventors and their magnificent products. And nowadays, technology is widespread to make our lives easier and better, and also gives us the opportunity to purchase, develop, and innovate more products. That’s why whether you’re the inventor or the customer you should always know if a product is good because a good product is a successful product. 

Uniqueness and practicality

Is your product one of a kind or different than other products in the same categorical marketplace? Because that is what you would want, the uniqueness of it, the authenticity. But if not unique, is it practical? It should be practical, all products should be because practicality is what customers seek.


A product should have good packaging, especially for products that could get damaged during transportation. If your product does not need a manual, do the packaging of your product at least have basic instructions? Whether it needs a manual or not, a good product should at least have a basic and reliable information about the product on its packaging.

Price worthy

Is the product worth its price? For sure we all don’t like to buy expensive stuff, we all know that the more expensive, the better the product. But it does not work for all products, you might find products in the marketplace cheaper but better than the expensive ones, or the other way around.


Is the product safe? Does it contain any hazardous chemicals not needed for its use? Could the product become a reason for fatal accidents? Better check your product first to be sure, because safety is the number one priority.


Everybody loves anything that is multifunctional. For innovators, go think ahead of your competitors for what they don’t have in their product so yours could be better. For consumers, go for the product that has more function or ability.

Company’s reliability

Each company or brand should always be reliable. For innovators, make sure your customers would 100% rely on your business in every aspect your company should be accountable for. For consumers make sure the company or brand of the product you are about to purchase is a 100% reliable, make sure of their accountability.

6 Things To Look For In A Perfect Plumber –

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Just like when we have a disease, we look for a doctor, but when we have a plumbing emergency we look for a plumber. A plumber is a doctor for water supply and drainage system problems. They are experts in their field and always know what to do that’s why we trust them. But sometimes, unfortunately, some plumbers fail to deliver our expected service. So here below are 6 things to look for in finding the perfect plumber.

If the plumber is highly recommended

If you heard that this plumber is highly recommended, obviously it means a lot of people have seen his work and his effectivity. So why not try and see how effective he is and how good he is – so next time when you have another plumbing mishap, you would know who to call.

The plumber’s accessibility

You have to consider that when hiring a plumber, he or she should always be accessible both by phone or by e-mail. If they’re hard to reach, that is someone who we might feel we can’t rely on, especially with emergencies. Look for plumbers that are always there when you need them – for when the time comes that you have a huge emergency plumbing problem, you always have that certain plumber who is always accessible.

Communicative plumber

One thing you should look for a plumber is a plumber who always communicates with you or talks to you. He should be able to tell you the reason of what caused the problem, how it happened, and what steps he will take to solve it. Having that type of plumber is highly beneficial since he does not only fix your problems but he also teaches you and gives you knowledge about what he is doing.

Quality service

That is what we always look for in a product or service, the quality. Always examine the plumbers’ service if it is effective. Even if it takes him a lot of time, as long as he is able to complete the job and leave you with the problem solved, that is what’s important.

The plumbers’ tools

A plumber who has the right tools, shows they’re invested in their profession. Make sure that the plumber has all the tools he needs, not just all the tools he needs but the right tools he must have. Make sure also that he has his safety gears because you would not want to be paying medical bills when your plumber gets injured in your home.

Important Consideration When Hiring a Pest Exterminator

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Looking for a reliable, high-quality pest exterminator is important if you want to see positive results. Doing pest control on your own or having a so-so exterminator do his job may just lead to wasted effort and money. When y0ou hire a professional exterminator, be careful to consider these things to get the most of what you’ll pay for:

Knowledgeable Exterminators

The Pest Technicians are the reason why you called and are the ones expertly trained to do the treatment. Professional technicians should be able to answer and give detailed information to any question you have. One way to know there are knowledgeable is first by how they dress and present themselves to you. The first impression is important, and they do know that, and they want you to trust them. Sloppy dressed and rude exterminators reflect their work ethic and lack of passion for their job. Also, when an exterminator can’t answer a question, he should be willing to find out for you and offer you an answer and not leave you wondering.

Reliable Customer and Extermination Services

One way to look for a high-standard technician is through their company’s customer service. A rude and unprofessional way of talking to a customer just shows they do not hold their staff to high standards. They should treat you with utmost respect and care. A great customer service is when they make you feel you are treated in a personal way and make you comfortable with them.

As for extermination services – they should make through inspections and be sure to discuss exactly what the problem is and ask questions. They offer first their professional eye and ears before creating a customized treatment plan.

Fair Prices

You should always remember that not the lowest price is always the best deal. Sometimes, low-priced service means low-quality work, which can lead you to a bigger problem or cost you more in the near future. A Pest Control company should be able to give you a quote estimate with a breakdown or at least explain to you why that would be the price. Steer clear of over-priced services and try calling a different company to inspect your home and give you the right quote.


This is one way for the company to show that they really do value their work and would like to care for their customers. They don’t just go in whenever you make that emergency call – professional technicians should offer a recommendation for future prevention. If they see something wrong or a cause of a future problem, they make sure to inform you and offer you advice and recommend a regular maintenance.

Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Important

Nowadays in the digital age, people tend to purchase more online – whether a product or service. One disadvantage of purchasing online is not able to see the product in real life to check it out, only information and videos are provided to the people. This is where online reviews come in as a big help. Reading real life experiences from a product or services from actual people who have purchased them will help potential buyers gain confidence in a product or service. These reviews are crucial and have a big impact on the decision making stage of a person.To fully understand more the value of reviews, here are the main reasons why it is important:

1. Social Proof

This will highly benefit new businesses when they want to immediately increase their brand awareness. Having customers talk about your business online will show other prospects that you’re trusted and credible. The better the positive feedback, the bigger positive impact it would be to people. If a person sees someone talking about your business, he will have an idea of what’s it’s like to transact with you. Online reviews are also essential now since there are a lot of scams going on over the internet – and, online reviews are reliable proofs of a legitimacy of a business.

2. Understand and Communicate with Your Customers

Hearing out from your customers will allow you to improve your business. They may share the positives and negatives of the products or service they purchased from you. And, negative feedbacks are just as valuable as the positive feedbacks – since this will give you ideas on where to improve. Reviews are a good source for valuable information in order to analyze your business and help you determine factors that’ll help you improve.

3. Improved Information and Higher Sales

Before deciding on a purchase, a person would like to know as much information as possible about that certain product. Detailed reviews from your previous customers will give access to more information and will help prospects to know more about your product. When you have a lot of information available – the higher the chance people will buy from you rather than just posting pictures and the name of the product or service.

4. Higher Ranking on the SERP

Reviews usually contain words that are related to your business, meaning there is a higher chance of you getting ranked for those keywords. Words from reviews help a lot in the organic reach. This is why reviews can also help in your marketing and help you reach more people.

5. More Reviews Breed More Feedbacks

Seeing the number of reviews a business has, especially when it has a lot, somehow encourages other people to leave a review. The more review a business website has, the more people will trust you, and the more people would want to engage in the community of your business.