Why are pure devotees unconcerned with seeing the universal form? Why should one perform his own work rather than that of others? How I came to Krsna consciousness. As you give it up you become humble is also sign of surrender. On the earth, in the ocean, on the trees, in the sky, in the heaven, in the hell. The rest of the property, Hands off!

There should be no talks of what is in the mind man ki baat but talk of Krsna. The elephant is Drawn in such manner that it seems it has 5 legs – Cheating. As far as my mati goes my intelligence functions as far as I know the shastras and have done experience I must tell you this that who is going to be victorious who will win in the battle? Posted by Shanthi Balasubramanian at 1: It can take lifetimes with blasphemy. As a result, the hearing, the Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam, the philosophy, whole knowledge is all abandoned, neglected, forgotten, just some sentiments. Who do we exhibit our compassion towards?

And what is happening to him as he was hearing?

You see now a person in delusion, bewildered, this that now I am going to talk to him and he is going to hear Bhagavad Gita. What does that view lead to? No intoxication No illicit sex. A Sashri We require a reference from your Temple President or other local authority.

And a friend in need is friend indeed. Explain the significance sastdi Krsna’s name Hrsikesa in verse M Prasadam 17 One must taste maha-prasada Pathan-paathan he studies and he teaches this is a primary function of brahmin.


bhakti sastri homework

So there are 9 more offenses. How does this differ from the instruction in verse 9? Compassion that he has for the masses of people whom he saves from being carried away by the unholy propaganda of pretenders and pseudo incarnations.

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My laughing, My pastimes and My glance appear to them so beautiful that their minds are always absorbed in thoughts of Me Everyone has a propensity he is a kshatriya so fighting is natural for him. Srila Prabhupada once told humorous story of an old lady carrying a big bundle of homeworo. Offer obeisance from a distance or just stay away upeksha.

He is enquiring like that. You are full of vidya, so you are vidavan. What are their purposes? They take it because they have tendency to hear from authorities, otherwise people are claiming to be authority, becoming some kind of authority, they get on the microphone, come on people, you must be authority!

Bhakti is pure and includes love with God and His Devotees

For now Bha,ti have pasted the syllabus at the end of this letter. Are you welcome at every door? So just understand that, Lord is educating us infact, in this regard how to deal with those fallen. Ok so it was nice being with you, talking sastrj you. So anyone wants to make some comments? So some people come in the middle especially women comes in the middle or men could come in the middle something comes in the middle and you are illusioned. Our maintenance devotee maintenance is not just soap and toothbrush and life insurance these days you are working on.


And everything else that comes in between stops you from surrendering unto Krishna including demigod worship, karmakanda, jnanakanda, this kanda that kandakevala vishera bhand they are part of the shastras then finally there was Gita and Bhagvat we were hearing this morning. How could you be accumulating wealth if you waste one grain, two grains, more grains.

bhakti sastri homework

Some big accomplishment to have a degree in Bhakti Shastri, not a small thing. Laughterstomach and heart. But the disadvantage is our senses sasti imperfect to grasp the truth as it is.

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He said then the knowledge takes the front seat. The bhaakti of the various units and the schedule for the Winter course is available on our website.

bhakti sastri homework

Yukta vairagya VIII Accepting only what is nescessary or dealing with the material world only as far as necessary.