Yes indeed, why not? This law needs to be prepared properly before implementing it. What is the positive side of the Bangsamoro Basic Law? Makita niyo sa komento nila kung paano sila gustong pumatay kapag ang kanilang ‘Islamic State of Bangsamoro’ o ang Mindanao ay hindi mapapasakanila! Naval Post Graduate School,

Newsletter Enter your e-mail address to subscribe to our daily news service. What are some negative effects of Bangsamoro Basic Law? Views Read Edit View history. Skip to main content. Jihad, Allah is with us! It is seen as the means towards redressing decades of discrimination and injustice suffered by the Moro peoples and an antidote to violent extremism because, once passed and implemented, it will erase any doubts and suspicions that accompanied the previous failed peace efforts. This thesis analyzes the prospect for a sustainable peace between the GRP and MILF by looking at the conflict and its ripeness for resolution, the ongoing peace process, and the involvement of external actors.

What is the positive side of the Bangsamoro Basic Law? Why pass it when there are still a lot of holes and unconstitutionalities?

The Bangsamoro Organic Law. Abngsamoro must be in the fishing boats, in farms, in public markets, in classrooms, in cinemas and theatres and museum, in TV ads, in corporate boardrooms, in banks, in the streets. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bangsamoro Basic Law Position Paper. With the interest of the Bangsamoro people in mind and the need to implement signed agreements, particularly the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro CABthe new proposed BBL bssic faithful to the letter and spirit of the CAB and considered the other agreements gained through decades of peace negotiations, namely the Tripoli agreement and the Final Peace agreement.


Invarious indigenous people groups rejected bangsmoro formation of the Bangsamoro due to lack of consultation with all stakeholders, especially the non-Muslim indigenous people who form a huge minority in the proposed region, Meanining they oppose the possible of the enforcement of the Sharia Law.

bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

BOL will ‘destroy country, dismember territories ‘ “. Or is it also about the Filipino people accepting us as Filipinos too?

The Bangsamoro Basic Law: What it means for peace in Mindanao

While there were efforts to pass the BBL during the Aquino administration, the length and complexity of the bill led the Senate to temporarily defer its proceedings. We want peace and progress, but we cannot tagalo it instantaneously.

bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

The dead giveaway basid tells you when Amazon has a better price. Remember me on this computer. Jihad, Allah is with us! But is it just about the Moro people refusing to be Filipinos?

These talks were the last of 32 peace talks between the two parties, which spanned a period of nine years.

What are some good effects of the Bangsamoro basic law? – Quora

Numerous indigenous groups in the Bangsamoro region do not adhere to Catholicism nor Islam, making them vulnerable to exploitation in a proposed Muslim-controlled regional government. By Nur Asmaa Zulkifli. What are the benefits of the Bangsamoro Basic Law? And yes that common ground for bangasmoro exists.


May I hence begin with a quick look at our history, with apologies to those who are already familiar or may even know more. The Bangsamoro Basic Law cannot and should not be passed in its current state. A video was released afterwards banysamoro showed MILF fighters shooting the feet of a Tqgalog member then shooting the head twice while taking the video. The government was too focused on talking with the MILF.

What are the possible suggestions about the Bangsamoro Organic Law? No more collateral damages. Retrieved 24 April Unfortunately, spoilers opposed to the CAB remain capable of derailing the process.

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bangsamoro basic law essay tagalog

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What is the introduction about bangsamoro basic law? – Quora

How about their suggestions, needs, and requests? They should be considered a regional branch only. How do people from Mindanao feel about the Basc Basic Law?